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AVOID bad habits
Private lessons are the quickest way to progress. More than ever before, people have access to free information on the internet about guitar playing. The problem is that quite often the information is out of context (e.g. learning a solo off youtube without understanding how to apply it) or just plain wrong (especially tab sites!).

The whole aim of my teaching style is to get you playing real music from day one. Here is a list of things that I offer to help you reach your goals:

1: Free Backing tracks
Other teachers often just get you playing over songs off youtube. Often the tracks are to fast or too crowded and students become discouraged and give up. I go the extra mile by make backing tracks for the songs you want to learn. This way you can learn the song slow at first and gradually build up to the correct speed.

2: Get playing live: Band workshops
Many students never play outside their bedrooms, and waste money on guitar gear they will never use.
I offer my students access to FREE band workshops and jam clubs, where all my students meet other similar standard musicians, get together to play in a band  and how to use their gear in real life situations.

3: Go beyond "just learning songs"
 Many teachers just teach you a song and then all you can do is play a few songs with no way of playing with other musicians or applying what you have learnt to other contexts.
I teach you the theory you need to know so that you can create your own music and improvise over any song.

4: Show the world your own music.
Other teachers often lack the experience in music production to do this.
You don't have to play guitar for 10 years before you make music. I have helped complete beginners to record their music, why not learn about music by making your own CD? I can play and record all the instruments you need and you add to the songs week by week.

5: Become and all-round musician: Learn other instruments.
Often guitarists think that learning other instruments will be too hard or take time away from improving their guitar playing. I have found the opposite to be true.
Often other teachers lack the space or the skills to teach you all the band instruments.
I can teach you all the main band instruments drums, bass or keys, as part of your overall guitar lessons.

If you are a complete beginner:
I can get you playing real songs in less than 4 weeks! Its never too late to start.
If you are an advanced technical player :
I can help stretch you and inspire you to get to the next level in your playing.
I teach any style:
jazz, blues, hot country, acoustic fingerstyle, advanced rock, folk etc.
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